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Why the GFC


As an essential goods supplier we will continue during the National Lockdown to deliver ORGANIC & FREE-RANGE meat, chicken, dairy, fruit & veg, grains & pulses, nuts & seeds, dried fruit & more… Our products are not genetically modified and free from routine antibiotics, hormones and preservatives with no chemical interference. We bring you the healthiest organic food that is ethically sourced, all in one place, for a reasonable price!

In an unhealthy world it is challenging to find truly healthy food. If one does find it, it tends to be too expensive for many of us. The majority of products found in luxury supermarkets are NOT organic. Their organic product ranges are limited and expensive. So, if you want to buy organic food only, you have to drive to many places to get hold of it, at even more expensive specialty stores. The Club serves the community in a unique way in that we source our products directly from the farmers/suppliers in order to cut out the middleman. In this way we bring everything together in one place, at a reasonable price.

Ethical farming is imperative to us; therefore, we source from farmers who treat their animals humane and pay fair wages to their employees. We are finding that our suppliers are already becoming our friends! The Good Food Club concept was started six years ago by people who wanted to eat good organic food but struggled to maintain the lifestyle due to the cost. The Stellenbosch Good Food Club was birthed from the Oranjezicht Good Food Club that belongs to Anton’s sister, Twinita Pattenden. As a family, we are honoured to serve our different communities in this way!

The Club is founded on the strong belief that healthy food is a vital component to a healthy body and mind. It may also contribute to a higher quality of life and increase longevity. Good food, and therefore, good health, should be accessible to all.

Changing old habits (good or bad) is not easy. If you want to change to healthy eating it may take time and effort, but you will never look back. It will drastically improve the quality of your life. If you are already eating healthy, it is our privilege to make it as easy as possible for you.

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