By Nature

Peter Owen of By Nature was inspired to produce a quality product that is locally grown and organically produced. Mainstream suppliers told him that it is impossible to dry fruit without sulphur-dioxide, but he decided to do it anyway and started sourcing and producing products that were completely free of chemicals. While his preference is for locally grown and organic products, his focus is on preservative-free goods. All his products are unique and seasonal. Peter chooses to support small farmers and producers who would generally not sell to big retail outlets . By Nature now offers the biggest range of preservative-free dried fruit in the country and will continue to supply South Africans with an amazing array of locally grown and ethically produced products, re-connecting them to the origin of their food.

Their current packaging is made from polypropylene, which is completely recyclable, typically recycled into brooms, battery cases, bins, pallets and bicycle racks. They have tried biodegradable packaging, but did not find it suitable for their products since the biodegradable packets are breathable and their products draw moisture as a result.