Mooivallei – Butter

Mooivallei’s roots run deep in the fertile soil of the Breede River Valley, with the founding Du Plessis family having been involved in dairy in Bonnievale since the mid-seventies. Mooivallei has been producing cheese and butter since 2000, when a group of local farmers joined together to add value to their milk by producing quality Gouda. The company has grown seven-fold since then, today producing HACCP-certified Gouda and Cheddar cheese as well as creamy Jersey butter. The milk and cream used in Mooivallei products are pasteurized. The cows are grass-fed, growth-hormone and routine antibiotic free. Jersey milk contains the A2 protein, similar to milk from Guernsey cows and is much higher in nutrients and often more easily digestible for people with a sensitivity to traditional (A1) casein (protein).