Naturally Organic

Naturally Organic is a family-run Organic Farm in Philippi, Cape Town. Their values of good farming ethics are the driving force behind their beautiful produce. They aim to make healthy food available to everybody, not just a select few. They pay fair wages to their workers and share overflow of produce between them. Compost is king on the farm;  they work hard to keep the soils alive and healthy. It is their goal to make organic farming economically viable and to nurture the land, the staff and those eating their produce. The farm has been producing delicious fresh products since 2005. Philippi, being twenty minutes from the city centre,  is a unique horticultural area because of the close proximity to the city and the famous aquifer that sustains the 2500 hectares of farmlands. The fruit & veg from Naturally Organics  are fresh from the field, one can be sure you are buying the best quality produce.